Lemon meringue

Lemon meringue

Lemon meringue

This is the perfect lemon meringue pie! With a delightful homemade pie crust, tart and smooth lemon filling, and a fluffy toasted meringue topping, it’s not possible to resist.

I write this as snow falls outdoors and winds whip all around my property at 50 mph. Despite the present weather circumstances, the calendar says spring and Easter are on the horizon. And as someone who lives and breathes her daily planner, that implies it’s time to prepare for the modify of seasons. Shut up that fireplace, location some tulips in a vase, open these windows… whoa that wind! Let’s maintain them closed!

Let’s welcome a fresh new season with a fresh new pie– the pie I’ve been taunting you with for weeks!! The lovely, the timeless, the Traditional Lemon Meringue Pie.

My lemon meringue pie recipe has a billowy and toasty meringue topping, a balanced sweet/tart lemon filling, and an added thick and flaky pie crust. I worked on this recipe for a long time, making at least a dozen meringue pies in the previous number of months. Both my kitchen and head were exploding lemons. Anytime we had close friends or loved ones cease by, I’d force lemon meringue pie on them. “PLEASE Tell ME YOUR THOUGHTS” I begged whilst barely blinking.

How to Make Lemon Meringue Pie

More than the years and specially the previous number of months, I realized that lemon meringue pie can be a daunting procedure but it doesn’t have to be. Allow me make this recipe simple for you by providing you a tested (and praised. ) recipe, tons of beneficial recipe notes, and a video so you can watch it come to life.

  1. Blind bake pie crust
  2. Put together lemon meringue pie filling
  3. Whip meringue topping
  4. Spread meringue on leading of filling
  5. Bake pie until finally toasty brown on top

Now that you have a basic concept of the process, let’s find out why this lemon meringue pie recipe operates and what blunders to stay away from.

Here’s Why This Recipe Operates

There are three primary roadblocks when generating lemon meringue pie: a soggy pie crust, a watery lemon filling, and/or a weeping meringue. Let’s perform by means of every.

  1. Let’s keep away from a soggy pie crust: Start by correctly blind baking the pie crust. You want to partially blind bake the crust simply because it will continue to bake when you bake the assembled lemon meringue pie. Observe me blind bake the crust I use for this lemon meringue pie in my separate blind baking blog submit. Plenty of suggestions and tricks there.
  2. Let’s stay away from a watery lemon filling: This is exactly where I always had the most difficulty. Lemon meringue pie filling is essentially a thinner version of lemon curd. You’ll temper egg yolks. And prior to you run away screaming, watch me do this in the video below. Promise it’s not scary. Even though lemon meringue pie filling need to be blissfully creamy, we also want it to be secure ample to slice somewhat neatly. (Believe: a somewhat firmer model of pudding, but not as company as jello.) There was a good deal of back and forth with the water vs lemon juice vs cornstarch vs sugar amounts. Comply with my lemon meringue pie filling beneath. It’s not also tart, not too sweet, and has the silkiest, but not-too-watery texture.
  3. Let’s steer clear of a weeping meringue: There are many various kinds of meringue topping, but let’s use a French meringue. Beat egg whites into soft peaks, include sugar, then beat into stiff peaks. Unless you want to waste a bunch of egg whites in failed meringue attempts, study these ideas: Make sure you commence with just egg whites. Not even a drip of egg yolks. Make sure the bowl you’re making use of is completely wiped clean. No oil or water residue. Make sure you add cream of tartar. This will stabilize your meringue. Make positive you include the sugar *following* soft peaks are formed. If extra ahead of that, the egg whites could stretch as well a lot which prevents a stiff peak altogether. Make sure you spread the meringue topping so it touches the pie crust. This seals the lemon filling beneath and makes it possible for the crust to grip onto the meringue so the two do not separate. And, ultimately, don’t make lemon meringue pie on a humid day.

Lemon meringue pie, I adore ya, but you can be very picky.

How to Make Lemon Meringue Pie Topping

The meringue toasts in the oven. A whole lot of recipes get in touch with for placing the entire pie below the broiler, but I choose to bake it so that the egg whites have a chance to cook via. Also, see the finish of step 6 in the recipe below. Make confident you spread the meringue topping on although the filling is nonetheless warm. The warm filling helps seal the two layers collectively, stopping separation.

  • Did you know? (1) Area temperature egg whites whip more quickly than cold egg whites. And (two) space temperature egg whites whip into a better volume than cold egg whites. So make sure your egg whites are at space temperature ahead of starting up the meringue.
  • Time saving tip: You need to have 5 egg yolks for the lemon filling and five egg whites for the meringue topping. Separate the five eggs even though they are cold. (Cold eggs separate less difficult! Remember NO egg yolks in the meringue, not even a smidge.) Leave the egg whites out on the counter. Blind bake the pie crust and prepare the lemon filling. By the time you’re prepared to begin the meringue, the egg whites will be area temperature.

Meringue can be tricky, but you’re a baker and you can definitely handle this.

Want to view me make the lemon meringue pie filling, topping, and assemble the pie? Right here you go!

Craving one thing smaller sized? Right here is my lemon bars recipe.

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