Dog biscuit recipe

Dog biscuit recipe

Dog biscuit recipe

Even pups can get in on the pumpkin action this fall.

This time of yr, you may well discover yourself indulging in every little thing from healthy pumpkin spice lattes to homemade pumpkin pie — but it turns out, an additional member of your household could advantage from a minor pumpkin, too. Or must we say … pupkin?

That’s appropriate, pumpkin is jam packed with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all of which benefit dogs’ digestive tracts, skin, and coats. In reality, canned pureed pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) can support with each constipation and diarrhea in canines — just include a spoonful or two to Fido’s foods and see the virtually magical final results on your up coming stroll.

Aside from pumpkin puree, these homemade puppy treats also pack further gut-friendly fiber from oats and a dose of protein and drool-worthy taste from peanut butter. Bonus: They’re so straightforward to make that you can fairly much quit buying retailer-bought treats altogether.

Verify out the video over and instructions under to make these wholesome balls of goodness. You’re positive to get some face licks of appreciation in return. (Professional tip: They’re excellent ample for people, too. Just include a drizzle of honey to the combine for a touch of sweetness.)

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