Breakfast pizza

Breakfast pizza

Breakfast pizza

This may well be the greatest breakfast pizza but we can guarantee that it tastes excellent no matter what time of day it is. Combining most of the staple ‘big breakfast’ components, everybody requirements to consider this morning miracle.

Breakfast Pizza Substances

Pizza dough
Pizza sauce
Bacon (diced)
Mushrooms (thinly sliced)
Cherry tomatoes (quartered)
1 egg (per pizza)
Sriracha sauce (A small or a lot, dependent on how adventurous you’re feeling).

1. Preheat Ooni three, Ooni Koda or Ooni Professional for ten-15 minutes.
2. Pop the sizzler pan in to preheat for the last three-four minutes.
three. When preheated, location the bacon into the pan, cooking right up until it starts to brown somewhat. At this stage, add the mushrooms to the pan and leave until finally they have cooked through.

four. Begin to prep the dough even though the bacon and mushrooms are sizzling. (We have employed 160g of dough for the excellent breakfast portion).

5. Add sauce to the pizza base and start to layer the toppings on, starting up with tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms & mozzarella.

six. Here’s the tricky portion – including the egg. If you’re like me and would like the egg to be flawlessly centred, the egg will move forwards when you slide the pizza into the oven. Consider putting the egg closer to the edge (as observed under) to let for motion and you need to end up with an eggy centre.

seven. Cooking occasions will vary, based on the temperature, just be positive the egg white is set just before getting rid of.

eight. Leading with a little parsley & sriracha. Optional added: Fresh slices of avocado. Make by yourself a juice, grab a magazine or newspaper and enjoy!

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