Baguette recipe

Baguette recipe

Baguette recipe

Craving a crusty French loaf? Look no more than this easy baguette recipe. Only four components and it’s mainly down time! You can do this!

Hey there! Welcome to a new week! I hope you had a fun and restful weekend.

Right here at my house, I’ve been knee deep in bread baking. I’m on a genuine kick! In the final few weeks I’ve shared cornbread and soft entire wheat bread, and I’ve also acquired a fantastic soft pretzel recipe that you’ve gotta attempt. It would be ideal for Superbowl Sunday!

But today’s recipe has usually kinda haunted me. My family members loves a great crusty French baguette. We consume this variety of bread with so many things! It’s so chewy and yeasty and excellent. But I’ve often been afraid to try out making it myself. Everything you hear says it’s complicated and fussy, and no 1 but a French boulanger could ever get it correct.

Wrong! Here’s residing evidence that any person can make a killer baguette.

You see that? Is that stunning or what. I created that! It was truly fairly simple! And I’m not even an specialist bread baker (talk to me about cakes even though!).

I am over the moon about that crunchy, splintery outer crust. See how it shatters? And the interior- soft, pillowy and so airy. It’s perfection.

If I can do this, so can you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


When you picture a scene in France, do you envision a girl in a striped leading, wearing a beret, and riding a bicycle with a basket full of prolonged loaves of French bread? Those lengthy loaves are named “baguettes.” (The term comes from the Latin word for “stick.”) They are iconic, and France’s reputation for exceptionally crusty and tasty baguettes is identified far and broad.

They say that practically nothing can come near the bread you can get in France. I’ve never ever been, so I can’t say for confident, but I consider you’d stand the very best feasible possibility if you make it by yourself. I indicate, how could anything at all be better than a freshly baked loaf of bread? That crackly crust, the tender, airy crumb within, steamy and yeasty and just begging to be torn into!

Give it a consider. It’ll only consider four basic substances and a couple of easy actions. In truth, it’s mainly down time!


This recipe has just 4 ingredients: water, yeast, flour, and salt. But the outcomes are magical. And it’s all since of the strategy!

Start off by dissolving the yeast in warm water.

While that is doing its magic, combine the flour and salt. Create a small properly in the center, and add in the yeast. Stir it about, taking flour from the outside edge and bringing it into the nicely, a little at a time.

Following add in a bit of cool water. Hold stirring, and adding water as essential, till a shaggy dough forms. Now just cover it loosely, and allow it rest.

For this kind of bread, there’s not a good deal of kneading involved. It only wants a handful of swift folds, to turn out to be smooth and create power, without having overworking the gluten and causing toughness.

Location the dough into a greased bowl and cover it tightly. Allow it to evidence (or rise) in a warm area till doubled in bulk.

Divide the dough into 4 equal portions, and form into lengthy logs (about 15 inches lengthy) with pointed ends. Nestle the loaves in to a floured kitchen towel, cover with oiled plastic wrap, and allow to rise a second time.

Although the baguettes are increasing, fill a baking pan with water and area it in the bottom of your oven. Preheat the oven and enable it to fill with steam from the water. This is the Important to a crusty baguette.

As soon as the loaves have completed their 2nd rise, remove the plastic wrap and sprinkle them with a minor flour. Then quickly slash them with a lame, razor blade, or sharp knife. This is decorative, but it also enables the crust to crack and the bread to increase in a much more managed way.

Location them in the oven and allow them bake right up until deeply golden brown. They should feel light and dry on the outside, and when you tap them they should give a hollow sound.


This kind of loaf is infinitely versatile!

Slice it into one/two-inch rounds and it’s perfect as a base for bruschetta or crostini. Or it can be utilised as a dipper for your favorite party dip. And we enjoy it toasted with garlic butter, for garlic bread. So excellent with a pasta dinner!

Or just tear into it and consume it with a sizzling bowl of soup. So satisfying!


Baguettes are best when they’re freshly baked, but they’re even now rather darn fantastic following a few days!

To shop a French baguette, just wrap it loosely and hold it at area temperature for 2 to three days. If you notice it’s not as crusty right after a although, just pop it in a warm oven (around 170 degrees-ish) for 5 or 10 minutes, and it need to come out great as new.


A fancy French boulanger might not agree with me on this one particular, but I say go for it!

I do this a lot at my house. When the baguette is nonetheless fresh, slice it down into thin rounds. I’ll usually lower on the diagonal so there is much more surface spot to spread yummy factors on. Then just slip the baguette slices into a zip-best freezer bag, and into the freezer they all go. Every time we want a slice of crusty French bread, we just pull out what we need to have.

The baguette slices thaw in just a handful of minutes at area temp. Or they can be warmed in the oven or toasted up. It’s super handy!

Hopefully this takes the mystery out of the crusty French baguette! It’s absolutely something you can do your self, so don’t allow any person intimidate you! You’ll love the outcome and everyone will be so impressed!

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